Jul 04
Google Analytics - Digital Garage Upskill Digital

Better insight and productivity with Google Analytics

One of our most in-demand Digital Garage masterclasses is Understanding Google Analytics, a practical session designed to raise awareness of the benefits of using this fantastic free tool from Google and to empower attendees to leave the session knowing how to set up an account, view and interpret data, and generate reports that are relevant to their business objectives.

For those of you who haven’t used Google Analytics, it is by far the most-used analytics tool on the planet. And the best thing? It’s entirely free to use. Equally, one of the biggest myths is that it’s a complex platform that only ‘specialists’ could figure out and that cannot be farther from the truth. The proof is in the thousands of individuals and businesses we’ve trained who left our sessions ready to embrace Google Analytics straight away!

Once you set up an account easily and for free and you install the tracking code on your website, you will be ready to explore and digest the dashboard. You will be able to track data such as page visits, time spent on site, popular landing pages or devices used to access your site via four main categories:

  • Audience: who are my users?
  • Acquisition: how did they find me?
  • Behaviour: what are they doing on my site?
  • Conversion: what are they worth to me?

These four question are all as important as each other in terms of understanding where you site is performing well and what you should improve on but extra attention should be paid to Conversion, probably the most underestimated section of Google Analytics. Conversion allows you to track your website goals and see whether your social media and search campaigns pay off.


Data is great… but don’t forget the analysis

“Yes, but what does it mean?” Did you ever find yourself asking that question, or being asked when presenting a report on website performance? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A common mistakes amongst marketers and business owners is reporting on data without putting it in context.

Turning Google Analytics data into insight is that extra step that will make all the difference in your report and your strategy. Ask yourself, how does it compare to a previous period, are there any notable events that may have influenced a surged in page visits or conversions… the trick is to never stop asking question and looking for patterns to give you that depth of information you’re after.


Interpreting data

You now know that numbers aren’t enough to paint the story; you need the background and facts to build it up. But how do you know what’s important to analyse and how do you best present the insight?

That’s where Google Analytics reports come in. Fully customisable and flexible to adapt to your reporting needs, these templates will help you produce and present the insights you need, when you need it. Some example of reports include the landing page report, showcasing your most and least popular pages, or the devices report, where you can see at which point you need to optimise your site for mobile or table (trust it, it’s very soon if not already overdue!)


Curious to learn more?

What’s fascinating about Google Analytics is that it never, ever gets old. New online behaviours and ever-advancing web technology bring new features and updates on a regular basis so your insight pool will only expand! To see this in action and learn how to really maximise your website with Google Analytics, get in touch with one of our digital experts.