Mar 07

Creating your first Facebook page

Facebook for Business

Facebook is undeniably an internet colossus, having grown constantly over the decade and a half since its founding it is now the third most popular website and has the highest active user count of any Social Media site at 2.2 billion. Over a quarter of the world’s population are monthly users, outpacing its closest rival by over half a billion.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook has become a major tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and engage with new potential clients. Interested in making use of this social media powerhouse for your own company’s benefit? First up you’re going to need to create a Page for it. And how would you go about that? Luckily for you that’s just what we’re here to explain today!

Getting Started

First up, head over to Facebook Pages or, if you’re on Facebook already, hit the dropdown button at the top right of your screen and select ‘Create Page’
From here select the category that best suits you. If you’re setting up a page for your business this is probably one of the top three: ‘Local Business or Place’, ‘Company, Organisation or Institution’ or ‘Brand or Product’.

After you decide which is for you, there’ll be a space to fill in the name and either a drop down box to add more specific info about what it is your company does or a form to fill in about its details.
You’ll then be presented with the opportunity to upload a Profile and Cover Pictures along with a few prompts from Facebook about posting and inviting people.
And now you’re free to customise to your heart’s content!

At this point it might be worth checking the ‘Visibility’ of your Page. People can’t see it if it’s ‘Unpublished’, which would be awful for advertising but could be useful if you want to edit it in private before releasing it to the world.

In your page, select the ‘Settings’ button towards the top right of your screen
Next up, select the ‘General’ tab and look for ‘Page Visibility’
Choose your preferred option, hit the ‘Save Changes’ button and you’re done!

Finally, if you aren’t the only person that needs access to the page, you’ll want to add some admins:
Select ‘Settings’ again and scroll down to ‘Page Roles’
In the section titled ‘Assign a new page role’ you can select people through either their name or the email they use for Facebook.
The dropdown box here will let you decide what level of control each person has over the page and what they can post.
Hit ‘Add’ and your first assistant is ready to go!

And that’s all she wrote folks! Your Page is up and ready to go. If you found this quick digital guide useful don’t forget to check out the rest of our series on our blog. There are all sorts of helpful articles that will enable you to grow your companies online presence.