Nov 28

Backlinks: even more strategies for boosting your site

So, you’ve emailed out some perfectly written link requests and tried skyscraping your way to prominence but you’re still thirsting for more link juice. Where can you go for backlinks from here? Read on folks! We’re back with some more link building tactics just for you:


A simple one first: give your brand a googling. Not every piece that talks about you or your products will have explicitly linked your website. Reach out to them and politely suggest they slap a link on there to ‘help out their readers’.

Broken backlinks

Like the Skyscraper, this tactic requires some digging. You’re not after the best resource on a subject though. This time you’re looking for dead links.
And how exactly would you go about that? The simplest method is scouring the ‘resource’ pages from relevant sites. Notify them when you find one and, as you’ve done them a favour (404s being bad for both visitor satisfaction *and* SEO), ask them to replace the dead link with one pointing to your own page.
Obviously this method does require you to have produced some Grade A content on the subject, otherwise they have no reason to link you. Maybe think of this strategy as another way to put those lovingly-crafted skyscraper pieces to work?


We all want a good reputation online – negative reviews will drive away potential customers like nobody’s business. So, think about all the products and services you use for work. Reckon they’d like a glowing review from a happy business customer?
Get in contact and tell them how much you loved their stuff and offer up a testimonial for their site. We’ll be surprised if any but the biggest brands decline. Now all you have to do is stick your name and url on the bottom of that review and you’ve got yourself a backlink!

Guest blogging

The SEO industry moved away from guest blogging a few years back. The concept got over used and bloated with spam requests as a link building activity for cheap, non-expert content writers.
It is by no means dead, however. Especially for Subject Matter Experts with genuine experience and insight to share. If your content writing game is on point you can happily offer your services out to other (more prominent) sites to bring said experience and insight to a whole new audience (and point them back towards your site).

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