Oct 24

Digital skills gap: what are companies after?

According to a YouGov survey last month only 54% of companies are happy with the digital skills of their employees. This factor is second only to budget shortfalls when it comes to fears over attempts to take companies digital.

These fears over employee knowledge is part of the widely reported digital skills gap in the UK. Our ongoing difficulty in providing digital skills is due, in BIMA’s opinion, to a variety of issues such as a lack of awareness of opportunities and a misaligned curriculum which leaves students unprepared to engage with a booming digital economy.

Conveniently, the government has been touting its new digital retraining scheme as a fix for the problem and we can expect to see its rollout begin at some point next year.

With this in mind, what digital skills do businesses currently see in short supply and where should you focus your training?


The ability to code is always going to be the bedrock of any digital service. Of particular interest at the minute are web and app development abilities as companies vie to create the best online presence.

Digital Marketing

Once you’ve got your site, you need someone who can get it up the SERP and promote it around the net. A knowledge of SEO tactics and other digital techniques are currently key to the marketing world!

Data analytics

IBM’s Sanjay Brahmawar warned back in mid 2016 that the rise in customer analytics and big data would create a shortfall in those trained in the field. And he was right! Thanks to its high demand data science is currently one of the top rated jobs in the USA.


A few months back Forbes described the short fall in cyber security professionals as an industry crisis. We expect to see 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021. Thankfully companies are slowly starting to wake up to this fact. They are starting to hire talented individuals from outside the tech industry with the intention to train them.

Project Management

It might not be digital in and of itself but the ability to get projects completed on time and on budget is always in demand for tech companies. Knowledge of Agile, SCRUM and the like are always a winner and transfer over to whichever industry you work in.

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