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Hashtags – best practice for marketing

Hashtags are a great way to make your content more discoverable on social. As #ettiquette differs from platform to platform however efficiently promoting your business means you’ll need to work out #bestpractice for each site individually.
Or maybe not!
As with everything online now, the #marketing potential has been measured and tested to the final byte so we can bring you the wisdom of the ancients (well, the last decade) to ease your entry into #SocialMediaMarketing!

Keep them #relevant!

The quickest way to make people think you’re a spam account is slapping #blessed, #wanderlust or the like to unrelated content. While people will see your stuff they sure won’t be coming back.

This is especially relevant for Instagram. People can follow specific tags then prune out content that is irrelevant. Get hit repeatedly with that and the algorithm will learn to stop showing you. This lead to the ‘shadowban’ which you might have heard about.

Ideal number

An important addition to ‘use relevant tags’: don’t slather your posts in every mildly-related hashtag you can find. You need to be laser focused. Too many hashtags will comes across as spam just like irrelevant ones. With Twitter there is a marked drop in engagement after only one or two tags. For Insta, on the other hand, you want to aim for eleven as there’s a similar drop off on either side of this number.
Work out which will be most effective for your post and stick to those and maybe a community tag.

A what now?

A personalised tag that your followers can get involved with and gives people a sense of belonging while highlighting your company’s presences online.
Remember #ShareACoke? That right there was some great community building!

Other people’s tags

It’s a good idea to pick up some relevant hashtags from your target audience and get involved in discussions around them. It’s a great way to bring your existence to the attention of potential customers!
Similarly, you can use other event or community tags from your industry as a great way to start a conversation and showcase your expertise all while drumming up some extra attention for the company.

You can also make use of seasonal tags around the holidays and ‘International XYZ Days’ that are relevant to your industry. If you can work in a discount, even better. We even found this useful catalogue of national days to make it easier!


If you have several products or services on offer a specific hashtag for each is good practice. It’ll help cut down on the scrolling potential customers have to go through to find the specific info they’re after. Cut down on time and frustration!

Facebook and hashtags

We haven’t said much about FB in this article. That’s mainly because the poor hashtag seems to have been largely ignored on the platform. In general they don’t seem to make much of a difference to visibility and engagement. Having said that, a specific offer or event tag can have a positive impact.

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