Sep 26

Improving online engagement for your business

Most businesses today recognise the importance of online marketing in an age when we are connected to the internet almost permanently. Many realise that the hardsell is dead and building engagement with the public is key to success. Boosting the engagement they receive is, however, another matter for many. If you’re in that group, worry not. Today’s article is here to give you rundown of the top actions you can take.

Ask questions

First thing first: when posting something you think your audience will enjoy don’t just stop at “Hey, look at the thing!”. Tack on a question to specifically ask for their opinions. People love to share their thoughts online (hence the growth of social media in the first place) and including questions in your posts is social media equivalent of a CTA. It’s a key way for getting people to respond as it visibly throws open the floor for discussion.“Hey look at the thing! Would you guys use it?”. For the same reasons, setting up a poll every now and then is a great way to raise engagement with your account.


You might produce amazing content but if it’s hard to find no one will see it! To help potential customers find your content
Sift through your social media of choice and pick out some hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Consistent use of these will bring you together with new people already interested in what you do. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even create your own. This will allow followers to brand anything they have to say about you and start the process of building your own little online community.

In either case please do your research on what EXACTLY the hashtag is about or whether it has been used before. Learn from the cautionary tale of DiGiornno’s Pizza and their attempts to bandwagon a trending hashtag.

Offers & Prizes

People may have learned to tune out ads these days but an awesome offer is always going to get noticed. If you want to generate interest in your community a great deal is always welcomed. Similarly, fancy giveaways motivate engagement like nobody’s business. The combination of competition and free stuff is a powerful combo! You might be surprised how effective even small gestures can be for a brand’s engagement.


Social media may encourage short, bitesize witticisms but long form, in-depth writing is far from dead on the net. Blogs are particularly effective for B2B engagement or an industry that consider themselves ‘boring’. Demonstrate your knowledge on your subject and you’ll get potential customers turning up with more questions for you to answer. It’s for this reason that B2B blogs tend to increase leads per month by around two thirds.

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