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Instagram business tips – making effective use of Insta

Hands up who has a Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn account for their business? Hopefully that was most of you. Now, raise a hand: who has a Instagram business account? We’ll assume that was a significantly smaller number (as impressive as marketing analytics are, we can’t see your every move. Yet.)

It’s unsurprising because the primarily visual approach differs significantly from the likes of FB, Twitter and co. Nonetheless, Instagram has become an undeniable feature of the social media landscape at a time when the likes of Facebook have been repeatedly rocked by scandal (we realise they’re under the same company but the public don’t seem to care). At this point it’s practical business sense to get involved so here we are with some practical business tips for getting to grips with Instagram business promotion.

Instagram business profile

The Instagram business profile is easily set up from the settings just find and select ‘Switch to Business Account’ and you’ll be able to include some useful extra info on your profile like opening times, address and phone number. More importantly you get access to insight about your followers, the ability to boost posts and metrics on their success. Super handy!

The Bio

Please don’t neglect the bio. Its key to a visitors first impression of your business on instagram so make sure its succinctly explains who you are and what you do!

Bio Links

The bio is also the only place you can stick in a clickable link. There are a couple of ways you can use this and it will depend on your type of business and where you want to drive traffic. Many link straight to their homepage. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s driving traffic to your site after all – but where possible we’d recommend sending folks to landing pages crafted with them in mind or linking to your latest content. Tailoring the link to it’s audience makes conversions significantly more likely.


As amusing as #sarcastichashtagging may be, the humble hashtag is an excellent way to get your content in front of potential customers. Do a little research: find out what hashtags are most popular in your industry and attach them to your posts. Have a bash at creating your own tags for your brand as well, that way your followers and customers will be able to build a community around you. If you can work in some universally popular tags to your post, even better.

Hey, you at the back! I saw that light bulb go on! Don’t even think about it. Instagram shifted the algorithms around a while back to ensure that slapping popular but unrelated tags on your post would be ineffective.

Exclusive deals and access

As with any good marketing strategy scarcity, anticipation and exclusivity work wonders on Instagram. Try providing unique access to certain content or deals to followers and see how it affects your numbers. We’re going to say positively positive.

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