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Micro-influencers – effective influencer marketing on a budget!

Influencers are great

They have an inbuilt audience to use and, as the message is coming from an individual rather than a company, their endorsement of a product is treated as more authentic. Partnership with an influencer provides a brand with both visibility and credibility in an instant. A godsend in the marketing-jaded world of today. But isn’t this all the purview of major companies with the cash to burn on contracting major household names? Not any more, micro-influencers have opened up this fab opportunity to us all!


Over the last couple of years there has been a change in mentality when it comes to influencer marketing. You see, brands used to care solely about bagging the influencers with the biggest following to project their message to the widest audience. They’ve come to realise, however, that this just ain’t worth it in most cases.
As influencer marketing has matured brands have decided that smaller influencers with closer, more dedicated fanbases offer a more efficient ROI. How efficient? 6-7x better than big name influencers. That’s some serious savings!

Why is that?

In short, a niche subject focus. Fashion or fitness might be natural talking points for many high profile influencers but asking one of them to discuss a new oxyacetylene torch is unlikely to turn out well. Botched campaigns and obvious product placement has ripped the veil off for many (Scott Disick, looking at you…). On the other hand those influencers who are unlikely to ever hit mainstream popularity due to their focus tend to have a passionate, dedicated fanbase and so are far more likely to provide engagement for brands that can link in to their area of expertise.
Hence the massive improvement on ROI from micro-Influencers

So, considering a foray into micro-influencer marketing? Here are a few tips:

Find an influencer that meshes with your product

We cannot overstate this enough – grabbing any old schmuck with a follower count has been the death of many a campaign! The influencer you engage needs to understand your industry and be able to talk genuinely about your product. Like we said, this is part of the appeal of micro-influencers. They don’t have a broad appeal but their followers have a genuine interest in the area. Perfect for driving engagement!

You’re marketing, not advertising

Build relationship over time, don’t just pay them in a one off transaction to get your content up there. As with all things social media, you’re likely to get better returns on real human interaction. To that end:

Make your account resonate with the influencer

Research your chosen influencer and see what they care about, work in the same angle to some of your own posts before approaching them – they’re more likely to feel comfortable engaging with a brand that espouses similar ideas to them.

They’re not going to work for ‘exposure’

Did you hear that noise? That was everyone who works in the arts shuddering in disgust. Being an influencer (micro or otherwise) is a full time job. Make it worth their while and don’t patronize them with what you’re offering in return for their services. Research what the going rate for sponsored posts is in your industry before approaching anyone with an offer so you don’t ruin all your hard work with an insulting proposal (or pay way over the odds for that matter). As a ballpark figure, its likely to be around $250.

B2B, get involved!

Don’t just sit out there on the sidelines, you have so much potential for influencer marketing! You don’t need famous names to talk you up. What you want are corporate execs and industry experts; people who can convincingly discuss the fine detail of the industry and sway your peers with their knowledge.
If they’re willing to publicly discuss your product then you’re on to a winner!
Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s a whole host of case studies on successful B2B influencering.

Avoid fake influencers like the plague!

We’ll be covering this one more in depth in a later article but for now: if they have thousands of followers and practically no interaction, they bought their ‘fans’ from a click farm.

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