Mar 24
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The UK Digital Strategy: What It Means to You

Lack of digital skills is one of the reasons why one in 10 adults has never used the internet in the UK*

Earlier this month, digital professionals and enthusiasts, welcomed the UK’s Digital Strategy. Its aim is, *clears throat*, “ to develop a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.”

A digital economy that works for everyone is ideal, but not short of challenges. We acknowledge the gaps and fears related to digital and that’s why training programmes should be designed with you in mind.

As expert digital skills trainers, the UK Digital Strategy is music to our ears but we know there is a lot of work to do to live up to the expectations of an increasingly curious and digital savvy nation. “Why digital?” “Why me?” “Why now?” and probably the most valid question of all, “Why does it matter?”.

Unsurprisingly, the strategy is a maze of stats, information, lists and PR language with a real manifesto theme running throughout – and as much as we love stats, we also love simplicity. Here’s what we make of it…

You know as well as we do that, whether chilling at home, doing a million things on the move or keeping abreast at work, our relationship with technology and digital is becoming ever so important. But do we know enough about it to make the most out of it?

Whilst digital skills are inherent for some, we acknowledge that not everyone has access to the same opportunities and digital education – btw, we’re working on that! – and that’s why we feel training should be minutely and carefully personalised to your needs. As the Digital Strategy sets out, it’s not just about giving people the tools but also the skills they need to become active participants of a truly digital economy.

So we get it: not everyone is a digital native, but we feel that everyone can become one!

At Upskill, we are extremely excited about digital but we’re careful not to generalise its role and impact for different people, communities and businesses. Our knowledgeable and personable trainers ensure that you don’t leave our session without having learned something new, and of course, without a smile on your face!

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What’s in it for you

You may know a lot, a little, or nothing at all about digital – no matter where you sit, you are not alone! Whether the UK Digital Strategy is crucial to you and your work, or you simply want to get your head around a digital product or topic, we can help. Our sessions strike a lovely balance of fun and informative, and we pride ourselves on the feedback of our esteemed previous learners!

Your questions, doubts and curiosities are what makes our sessions fruitful so we’re looking forward to your questions, whether they are about managing your profile online or doing business in your local region.

“The training was engaging and informative, and he was happy to focus on the specific needs which arose during the course of the day. The content was presented clearly and professionally, but in a relaxed and interesting manner. The information and tools provided after the session has helped me and the team to embed what we learnt on the day.”

– Nicola W, NHS

Who we are

UpSkill Digital is a digital skills training agency creating a fresh and dynamic approach to digital marketing training across the UK. We aim to empower businesses and individuals to succeed in the digital age. Working with the likes of Google we’ve trained over 36,000 individuals in digital skills over the past two years and we’re on a mission to empower more.

Our experts have years of experience in digital and have seen it develop from a trend to a lifestyle and more recently, a government priority. And what better way to brush up on your digital skills than by learning from the best in class.

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*Source: ONS, 2016 via

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