Dec 05
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Trends in digital marketing: what’s hot for 2019?

We’re in to the final stretch of 2018 and you know what that means? It’s time for the inevitable “Trends for 2019” lists!
Without further ado, here’s what we expect to be key themes for digital marketing next year:

Voice Search

Behind the scenes, this is going to be an important one for us marketers. One third of google searches are done by voice at the minute. By 2019’s end we’re expecting around 50%. Now, most of the time a voice search will return only the top result or maybe three if you’re lucky. The clickthrough rate on those results is massive but the competition for them top spots is going to be fierce! Traditional SEO considerations are also going to be completely disrupted by the total lack of screen when it comes to Alexa, Siri and co. It’s certainly going to be cool seeing how the industry adapts and evolves over the next few years!


When you pick up your phone with the express intent to do something and are committed to action(find out a fact, go to a place, buy something) that is the “micro-moment”.

It seems like a concept that will be an increasingly important tactical consideration in marketing. With all the notifications people get from their smartphones its becoming harder to stand out or make them care. Targeting in those micro-moments to catch someone’s attention during guaranteed action is going to be quite the challenge.


You know what might help hit those micro-moments? AI! Well, chatbots… We know, it’s not exactly Skynet but they are certainly gaining ground. Currently they’re making a name for themselves as one of the major trends in customer service: they can manage data requests and orders far faster than their human counterparts, don’t need a salary and can collect user info to be used in targeted marketing decisions.

However, Chatbots are also likely to become more mainstream over the next year, breaking out from the customer service field to get involved in your life like a personal assistant. Much like WeChat in China, they’ll be the first place port of call when ordering a pizza, booking a taxi, finding directions and other such actions You know all them useful micro-moments of decisive action.

Social Media Trends

At this point some form of social media is used by 41% of the world’s population. That right there is numbers you can’t ignore. Those businesses who haven’t gotten a social media strategy in place are going to be at a distinct disadvantage.

As we all age and grow its going to be great watching more social media savvy CEOs appear. A single year might be optimistic in this case but, when only 12% of CEOs currently use any social media other than LI, any increase is a win. With the current distrust of mainstream media and the love of micro-influencers, now is the perfect time for high level execs to be advocating personally for their brand. We just have to hope more of them get on the bandwagon!
Speaking of which:


At this point it’s no shocking revelation to say we’ve become desensitized to and distrustful of obvious advertising. In many instances though, brands desperately seeking to slap a human face on their product have done more harm than good. Now we’re left with a public that are beginning to distrust influencers as well. As these disasters demonstrate, there are no fast hacks (at least ones without repercussions).

If we don’t want to tear down the influencer marketing world it has to refocus to on those influencers who know what they’re talking about, who know the industry and the product. Ie. genuine (and we can’t stress that word enough) collaboration and interest. What some of us were pretending it was all along.

Similarly, community building is going to be a major factor in building confidence in a brand. GoPro has had this tactic locked down for years now but we cant all be the darling of extreme sports enthusiasts. Anything that motivates customers to publicly share their experiences with a brand are going to be key from here on out.
(As is desperately hope someone doesn’t ruin this tactic with an astroturfing scandal…)

Well, that’s our thoughts on trends for 2019. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Did we miss something? Let us know!

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