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Does my team need digital skills training?

We’ve come across many UK small businesses over the years wondering how and whether a website can truly help grow their business, or how to drive more footfall to a shop or more service requests – and how to do all of this whilst trying to actually run the business!  Simple answer… There’s a lot of help and support available for you, and short term investment in digital skills will reap long term rewards and make sure you don’t get left behind no matter where you are or what your business does.

In an ever growing UK digital economy, the current digital skills gap is costing us £63 billion a year, with a further 750,000 workers needed with digital skills to close the gap.* Did you know you have just as much power in closing that gap as anyone else?

Training your staff in digital does not only help close the digital skills gap, but also gives you the potential to harness knowledge of digital platforms and tools in-house to maximise your growth opportunities, whether you are a local business ready to expand, launch a new product, retain customers – it’s something we see in each and every one of our in-house training sessions.

So let’s take a look at five reasons why it’s time to invest in your staff’s digital skills training:

Your staff’s personal and professional development

Investing in your workforce needs no introduction – it’s a means to cultivate loyalty, productivity, passion and job satisfaction, all of which helps your business grow organically for the long run. Relevant training is highly regarded amongst employees, especially for those lacking basic or advanced digital skills. In fact, 30% of marketers claim that a lack of training in new skills is a top barrier to success**.

Here’s what the Worcester Bosch Group employees had to say after attending our Google My Business workshop:

They made what could have been a very dry and dull subject (SEO) exciting and engaging. It was expertly delivered by Gori and we really appreciated the session that was delivered.”

“Really enjoyed this session – the best yet! It was clear he was a professional trainer as he applied great examples and delivered the content brilliantly. Wrote down several ideas/actions and would definitely be interested in having Upskill back.”

Efficiency and effectiveness

Outsourcing marketing services may fall down the priorities list for your growing business so why not consolidate the skills in-house and make your employees your digital and social media ambassadors? Understanding Google Analytics will give you and your staff perspective and context for your digital activity performance. Remember, no one knows your business better than you and your own staff!

Stay ahead of the competition

With more and more businesses taking on digital resources to explore business opportunities, the chances are some if not most of your competitors will be active and successful online. Getting your business online, managing business listings and keeping an up-to-date presence is a must to get your customer’s attention and business! Understanding digital also means you’ll be able to understand what your competitors are doing online and how you can do it better.

Mediating risks

Knowledge of digital, even on a basic level, will mitigate risks at all levels. From awareness of data, security, IT and internal comms to managing digital content and platforms in-house, digital skills training will ensure less mistakes and faux-pas are made, which helps to protect your company’s reputation.


Don’t underestimate knowing what each digital and social media platforms can or cannot deliver for you – it helps you stay efficient and on target with your objectives. Digital tools and platforms are also a means for you and your team to think outside the box. Be creative, get to know your opportunities and embrace them – photos, videos, live streaming and live customer feedback await!

Here at UpSkill Digital, we’ve helped thousands of businesses across the country grasp and harness the power of digital for growing, improving or keeping their business going with fun and super practical workshops. Talk to one of our experts today about how we can help!


*Source: TechNation 2017

**Source: Digital Marketing Institute, 2016

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