Jan 23

Email Marketing Trends for 2019

Text only email marketing

This first one might be something of a surprise for many people, especially seeing as those asked in opinion polls seem to suggest they’d prefer graphics and fancy designs from email marketing. However, the important word there is “asked”. When actually measured impartially, people respond far better to plain text email. So, that’s a weight off the design team this year at least!

Long form content

Another surprise? Aren’t we supposed to have had our attention spans eroded away to a few seconds by the instant gratification of the net? Turns out that we just have reduced tolerance to boredom! While we can flit from one thing to the next, we’re quite happy to spend hours on something that actually interests us. Just think about the binge watching style of media consumption that Netflix and co. rely on. We’ll stick with anything as long as it continues to engage us. Good news all round for copywriters!

So what are we going to be putting in these long, text-heavy emails?

Authenticity & Storytelling

The public are jaded when it comes to overt marketing and now, thanks to some high profile gaffs, suspicious of influencers. What people want is transparency and the authentic story of your brand – what goes on there, what you’re currently up to, what you stand for, your charity involvement, how your products have helped people etc. It all helps to build a relationship with your audience. After all, a straight sales pitch won’t cut it any more, people want to see demonstrable proof that this product is a game changer and the company is aligned with their beliefs.

Mobile first

It’s no revelation that smartphones are used to conduct all sorts of business nowadays. Nonetheless mobile average order value has tended to lag behind its desktop counterpart as people have typically been less inclined to make large purchases on their phones. 2019, however, is expected to be the year where the two draw level. If you want a seamless customer experience it’s now imperative make sure your design is as optimised as possible for the mobile experience: increase the size of your CTAs and reduce the proportion of graphics. Conveniently, this lines up nicely with the current trend towards less images and more text!

Personalisation & AI in Email Marketing

We’re sure you’re sick of hearing about how AI is going to ‘disrupt’ and transform every aspect of life and business. When it comes to email marketing though it’s certainly going to provide brilliant opportunities in the near future for improving the scale of personalization. Thanks to its analysis of huge amounts of data AI can find the right time and right message to send a customer in any situation you might have. It will allow for super fine segmentation of your list, targeting a specific recipient’s needs and interests.

Privacy and security

Last year there was a series of high profile security breaches putting customers’ personal data at risk, Facebook being chief among them. It has rocked consumer confidence in the security of the data they provide you on signing up to email services.

With this in mind you don’t just need to ensure high quality security for their private info, you need to be seen employing it. Make sure to keep your customers up to date on your security news. It’s some of that great transparency content we mentioned above that will help build trust with your clients.

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