Mar 14
Sharing a Google Drive doc

Sharing your first Google Drive document

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive was a lifesaver when it came along. It put an end to the age-old tradition (and admin nightmare) of emailing documents to yourself each time you moved location. No longer do we end up with countless drafts scattered across different machines. Instead, we now have a convenient online service which keeps all your files in a central repository and updates them as you work. Hooray!

So you might have access to your work wherever you go. What if you need other people’s opinion? Or to collaborate on a piece? Good news! The guys at Google have got our back once again. There is a quick and easy way to give other people access to specific files and even specify what they can do once they’ve got them:

Sharing on Google Drive

First of all, you’ll need to log into your Google Drive account.

The next step can be done in a variety of ways but all lead to the same screen:
If you have the document open already you can select the “Share” icon at the top right of the screen.

If not, select the document in your Drive and hit the ‘Share’ icon in the toolbar
Alternatively, you can just right-click on the desired document and select the “Share” option from the drop-down menu.

However, you get there you’ll now have a window that reads “Share With Others” and you’ll once again have some options.

First up, and simplest, there is a text field in which you can enter the details of those you want to share your work with. Enter their names or email and attach a note if you need to.

From the drop-down box at the side of this screen, you have the option to edit what people can do with your document once you link it to them. Simply choose between “Can View”, “Can Comment” and “Can Edit” as appropriate.

Finally hit the “Send” button and you’re done and your coworkers will get an invite to work on the document.

The alternative method is to hit the “Get Shareable Link” button to provide, unsurprisingly, a link that will allow you to send it to other people

Once again a drop-down box marked “Anyone with the link can” can be changed between “View”, “Comment” and “Edit” depending on your needs.

Now you just need to hit “Done” and you can share that link with whoever needs access to your document.

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