Bespoke social media training for Adidas’s Wholesale Activation Team

We provided training to 12 team members, and all 12 attendees said that their expectations for the training program were met.

Reach: 12 trained
Location: London
Model: Office visit


Adidas’s main objective was to improve the social media skills and confidence of their team members working in retailer engagement through a bespoke training solution, tailored to their needs.


Together with Adidas’ wholesale activation digital manager, we came up with five key objectives for attendees. Those five objectives involved learning about several different aspects of social media, including the social media landscape, content, and persona, paid social, KPIs, and measuring techniques. One of our charismatic and experienced social media experts delivered the sessions, along with another external coach who had to figure out how to cater to a class of mixed-ability pupils. Following the session, we also provided attendees with a range of tools that allowed them to put what they had learned into everyday practice.


We trained 12 team members, and all 12 attendees said that their expectations for the coaching programme and the skills they would gain were met.

Really interesting and engaging. 100% improved my knowledge and will implement these tips in the future.- Adidas team
Insightful, engaging and exceeded my expectations.- Adidas team
Excellent experience and highly focused to our field.- Adidas team
Invaluable tools delivered to take our digital strategy forward.- Adidas team
Thanks so much for making the session very detailed and informative. You guys are fab!- Adidas team
Informative and the presenters were really good at relaying the information.- Adidas team

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