Lloyds Bank Academy Content Creation

The offline content involved live training sessions over 5 subjects and the online content was developed as 15 complementary bitesize modules, accessed through an online portal.

The challenge

Approximately 11.5 million adults in the UK lack the digital skills needed to thrive in today’s digital workspace. To help boost the country’s economy and prepare people for the future of work, this needs to be addressed. Failure to close the ‘skills gap’ could have a major impact on both workers and businesses. Lloyds Banks, a key player of the UK government’s digital skills taskforce, sought our help to create and develop a scalable pilot programme to help train and empower job seekers across Manchester.

The solution

Leveraging UpSkill’s experience in delivering training programmes for wide and varied audiences, our team of coaches were placed in five Manchester locations over five weeks to coach and support job seekers in their digital skills journey. Each week covered a different content family based on the UK Essential Digital Skills Framework, allowing all attendees to complete the full programme of 15 sessions at the end of the course. Content included a mix of hands-on practical tasks – like setting up an email or creating a google sheet – as well as demonstrations, supporting attendees to develop skills they could use straight away. 

Our impact

The initial pilot led by the Lloyds Banks Academy has now successfully scaled the programme to almost 294 in person, some of whom have already found work as a direct result of the programme. In addition to that, Phase 2 of the pilot aims to reach an even wider audience in the Manchester area and beyond.

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Our team of coaches were placed in 5 Manchester locations over 5 weeks to coach and support job seekers in their digital skills journey. The initial pilot has taught almost 500 people online and 200 in person.

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