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Virtual Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive Training

Learn how to collaborate effectively with your team by sharing files using SharePoint and OneDrive.

Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive Training

Cloud storage and collaborative systems are becoming increasingly popular for small and large businesses alike as a way of managing data and reducing knowledge silos. Train your staff on best practices for file management and collaboration with for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

The insights:

  • Structure your business’ approach to file and data management
  • Share files and data safely
  • Collaborate effectively

The tools:

  • SharePoint
  • Create your sites
  • Create custom lists
  • Create pages

Get hands on:

  • Learn best practices for setting up filing systems
  • Create a site structures for your business
  • Set up a site page with custom web parts

Who it’s for

This training course is designed for organisations migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint online who are looking to improve their collaboration and adopt the new ways of working in a digital age.

How it’s delivered

This Virtual Microsoft training is designed to be highly interactive and delivered remotely via LIVE sessions, giving your teams the practical experience they need to get the most out of the program.If your team needs to upskill in one specific area of the Microsoft Suite you can request a 90 minute session on the area of your choice.

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  • Understanding how cloud systems work and why your business is making the move
  • Learn best practices and establish conventions for file storage and information sharing across your organisation


  • Learn how to store and share files on OneDrive for Business
  • Syncing your OneDrive account with multiple devices
  • Understanding security and sharing settings


  • Learn how to setup and configure SharePoint for your business
  • Understand SharePoint functionalities and what they can do for your business
  • Creating site structures specific to your file sharing and collaboration needs
  • Building structures for your own pages with lists, libraries and other web parts

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“We didn’t give the trainer long to get to know our brand, yet he got to grips very quickly with our route to market and made the session relevant and highly enjoyable. I would not hesitate to get UpSkill back to run more sessions with my team.”

Victoria Billings
Head of Marketing, Worcester Bosh

Why UpSkill Virtual Academy?

Our team of charismatic expert coaches have undergone rigorous in-house training to ensure their expertise matches the changes to the digital world, and with an accumulated 1000 years of digital know-how, they are truly leaders in their respective fields.

Our coaches are all highly qualified. Their qualifications include (but are certainly not limited to):

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The courses work best for groups of up to 12 people. However, we can tailor the program should you require something more bespoke.

We come to you! Our clients love that we visit their office to perform the training. However, we can provide space at UpSkill’s HQ in London if getting a room is a little tricky.

No, we do not provide food, but we’re happy to arrange catering on your behalf if you schedule a session at our HQ.

The cost varies depending on several factors, such as the number of attendees, location and catering requirements.

Our courses are designed to be as flexible as possible, so you can arrange one any time within usual working hours. We recommend starting after 10 am and finishing before 4 pm.

We provide participants with a takeaway document upon completion of the course feedback form.

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