Team Productivity Course

Tips and tools to empower your team and inspire their contribution at work

This 8 week, breakthrough course will empower you and your team by strengthening digital collaboration to turbo-charge your teams’ productivity.

You will learn how to:

  • Utilise online productivity tools available
  • Leverage these tools to implement and measure inclusive performance goals for your team while maintaining and increasing high-performance
  • Support effective collaboration and communication at work through the use of on-brand templates and guidelines
  • Understand the power of data and evidence based decision making
  • Keep your team and your business safe in an increasingly dangerous cyber-world
  • Find feasible and attractive ways to incentivise dispersed teams in a digital world
  • Unleash your teams’ creativity and innovation in the competitive digi-age of accomplished and adept individuals

By cultivating self-sufficient teams of digitally savvy and highly collaborative individuals, you and your teams will be ready to take the digital age by storm.

How it works?

  • 8 modules over 8 weeks
  • 1-2 hours per week
  • Live video sessions with dedicated Q&A time
  • Project-based learning activities
  • Group discussion forum (ask questions, get connected and build your network)

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Week 1

High performance teams in the digital age

Week 2

Effective online tools to encourage consistency

Week 3

Communication and team collaboration

Week 4

The impact of incentifying your team

Week 5

Cyber Security

Week 6

Team goals and inclusive planning

Week 7

Creativity and innovation

Week 8

Data and evidence driven departmental decisions

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