Upskilling the Crash Team in immersive SEO and Analytics

Upskilling a team of Crash journalists with the latest trends in immersive SEO and Analytics.

Reach: 8 coached
Location: London
Model: Office visit


Crash Group Media Group, an online sports publisher and digital media company based in London, already had a team of journalists that were highly proficient digital marketers, but they were keen to identify new ways to take their digital marketing skills to the next level.


Crash conducted an internal survey to determine which topics would resonate best with their team. After analysing the results, the clear front winners were SEO and Analytics. We created and delivered a half-day course to cater to these needs, fostering a deeper understanding of SEO, Paid Search, and Google Analytics with content and examples that were relevant to the audience of journalists.


After taking part in the workshops, all eight journalists that attended are now fully trained in SEO and Analytics. Every attendee confirmed in their feedback that we met their expectations, and they all pledged to implement 100% of our methods in their day-to-day roles.

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