Mar 14

Upskill Digital UK campaign partner for All Digital Week 2019

26 March, Brussels

UpSkill Digital will be presenting best practices and programmes in supporting citizens with digital skills and media literacy at the Working together to support the 43% event in Brussels.

This event will present different perspectives from government, industry, academia and civil society on how to inform citizens about the importance of digital competences and how to support them with innovative educational approaches. It will also highlight ways in which the multi-stakeholder approach is enhancing opportunities for lifelong learning and increasing the impact. The event is contributing to ALL DIGITAL Week and the EU Media Literacy Week.

Upskill Digital is a the UK campaign partner for the first time in 2019. A digital skills training agency and consultancy, working with its partners to deliver scalable face-to-face training. Its programmes include the Google Digital Garage tours, Digital Skills for Africa and the Lloyds Bank Academy, amongst others. To date, they have trained over 93,000 individuals with their suite of over 50 modules in topics such as G Suite, Digital Marketing, Employability Skills, Data & Analytics, and Cybersecurity for both families and businesses.

The work of Upskill Digital stretches far beyond the UK, delivering intensive train-the-training sessions and developing engaging and localised content across Europe and Africa. These programmes have been built at scale by working with local public and private sector partners with the aim of empowering thousands of people across the world in digital skills that can either help them grow in their careers or support their business.

ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 is about raising awareness about the digital literacy and bringing the digital skills training to every city and neighbourhood in UK and across Europe.

During the week, UpSkill Digital has over 30 training events, workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions and expects to train 1,800 people. In London, the Google Digital Garage Bus is traveling to all 32 boroughs, providing digital skills and mentoring for job seekers and small business owners.

UpSkill Digital All Digital Week 19 events: