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Working from home: how to thrive remotely

Working from home: how to thrive remotely


In the wake of the current global crisis, the interest and need for remote work have spiked like never before. For the foreseeable future, companies everywhere will see the density of the office decrease as entire departments work from home. Whether or not we were for or against Digital Transformation, the transition is occurring regardless.

Remote working has been and continues to be a dramatic change in how the global workspace operates. The developments of recent months as well as those of the last few days, have thrust us all into the unknown. In such situations, human beings are not the best equipped to deal with constantly shifting priorities, rules, guidance and directives. This may seem to paint a rather bleak picture and one devoid of hope, but we’re here to let you know that all is far from lost and that there is much to be hopeful for and much to celebrate, even in what may seem like the worst of times.

The UpSkill Digital team have put together a free Webinar focusing on the essentials for anyone facing the remote work trend brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. As much as this global issue affects business, we at UpSkill realise that organisations cannot function without their people. As our CEO has been quoted to say Digital Transformation is not about technology… It’s about people.

This 45 minute, high-impact session, delivered by an expert trainer and practitioner of remote working, will outline the essentials needed to hit the ground running and succeed in effectively working remotely.

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By joining this free webinar, you will:

  • Be able to effectively assess the opportunities and challenges of working remotely and have meaningful, open, honest discussions between employers and employees
  • Be familiar with the health and safety guidelines related to remote working
  • Become aware of the key questions & considerations for staff facing special challenges due to remote working
  • Access key resources and homeworking checklists to ensure that both employee and employer can constructively collaborate through the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Recognise the benefits of consistent, open communication and consultation at an organisational level
  • Feel prepared and empowered to face the challenges of the upcoming weeks or months ahead with confidence and zeal
  • Learn to unleash your creativity to ensure you have a good balance in physical and mental health while working remotely
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What people said about our LIVE sessions

“Thank you for the engaging seminar. Really made me want to embrace the imminent digital future”- Ivan Chopey, Senior Consultant at KPMG
“The content is timely, relevant, and insightful, as well as being well delivered by the presenter and facilitators”- Claire, WMC Global
“I love the way it is set up lively and interactive”- Teresa, EUIPO
“It has been super awesome. I look forward to the subsequent sessions”- Nnamdi Richards, Exsuntra Solutions LTD

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