Oct 29

UpSkill Digital hosts an event on Digital Skills day to help businesses get ready for the future of work, now.

Upskilling for the future.now – Thriving in the digital age through a culture of learning

Today, on the 10th October 2019, to coincide with Digital Skills Day, the UK’s leading digital skills training and transformation agency is hosting ‘Upskilling for the Future.now’, an event designed to tap into the motivation for learning, explore new ways of upskilling to empower the workforce for the future and forge partnerships to support the common mission to close the UK’s digital skills gap.

In 2019, Lloyds’ annual UK Consumer Digital Index report found that in the UK alone, 17.3 million people in employment do not have the Essential Digital Skills required for today’s workplace. A worrying statistic with dramatic implications for the UK’s productivity and economic growth prospects in current and future business climates.

The event is in line with the Lord Mayor of London’s ‘Future.now’ coalition, which aims to boost digital skills in the UK and help build a digitally inclusive society. UpSkill Digital is one of the 24 members of the ’Future.Now’ coalition supporting companies such as Google, Lloyds Bank Group, BT Group and many others with large scale upskilling programmes to empower thousands of people with the relevant digital skills that are required today and will be essential in the future. 

The guest speaker of the event, Michaela Neild, Policy Lead at Google, will be providing insights on the importance of accessibility for digital skills programs, and keeping digital skills relevant for the future of work. 

During the event, transformation experts, futurists and industry thought leaders will raise the awareness of the necessary behaviour and mindset shift required for companies and individuals adopting the “Digital Mindset”. 

“The digital age has taken us by storm and the unprecedented pace at which it changing the way we work all has forced many businesses to rethink how they adapt to change and focus on engaging and supporting their employees to adopt new technologies. As a future.now coalition member, we welcome the opportunity to help guide organisations on how they can simply implement training programs for their employees to ensure they have the right mindset and skills to thrive in this digital age.”

Gori Yahaya, CEO, UpSkill Digital